Bawl Physics 1.7

Added: Ability script and other scripts that inherit from it
Added: Control script that is used with the Ability script(s) to define how they’re controlled
Added: JavaScript versions of all the Ability scripts,the BawlControl script and the Control script (named Control_Java)
Added: Download link to downloaded updates the moment they come out
Added: Two arrays in the Ability class to store effects and sounds so you can access them easier without having to create your own variables for such common things
Added: Option to remove rope on button up

Fixed: The FixedTimestep problem shouldn’t be a problem anymore. So you can either use a fixed timestep of 0.02 or 0.01 (or anything really) and it should be fine.

Changed: Removed the SpiralBall from the Player but it hasn’t been removed from the project
Changed: PDF is now updated to reflect the 1.7 changes and also has a Custom Ability tutorial


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