Bawl Physics 1.7.4

1.7.4 –
Added: LockMouse.cs
Fixed: Timer on the BawlExplode scripts were going down to 0 in 1 second regardless of the amount of time you set
Fixed: BawlMagnet ability bug when magnetizing to a collider that gets deleted/disabled*
Fixed: BawlSwing rope not disappearing if the connected object gets deleted or collider gets disabled*
Added: BawlExplode script now sends the message BawlExplode_OnExplode with a Collider array parameter
Changed: BawlRoll3D script now works in 2D and has been changed to BawlRoll
Changed: The timer variable in BawlExplode is now public
Removed: BawlRoll2D scripts
Removed: All JavaScript Abilities and Prefabs for Bawl Physics have been removed (they can be downloaded through the link in the PDF, they will not be updated beyond version 1.7.3)

*This is still a problem if changing the mesh manually/procedurally
-Abilities can be enabled and disabled using
(some abilities require a parameter)
(some abilities don’t have a StopAbility function)


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