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YounGen Tech Website

Here’s a link to the new website.


Apology – Wrong support contact email address!

To anyone who has used the email address “stevesprojects at” it was the wrong support email address. I’ve updated the email address on Unity Asset Store publisher account. Sorry it has taken me so long to catch that huge mistake.

Bawl Physics 1.7.5

Fixed: BawlBoost script not resetting the player’s collider’s friction after a boost

Match Cubed

I’m calling this game completed. I still plan on adding more to it but it’s more or less complete as it is.  Some things I’m thinking of adding are…

– Option for bigger boards

– More sounds (including music)

Energy Based Objects reduced price

Energy Based Objects is now only $5.

Development Posts

I’ll be posting development postings for smaller projects that I’m working on, over on this page

GibTreaty Projects

For larger projects that are closer to completion I may put on this website instead.

Bawl Physics 1.7.4

1.7.4 –
Added: LockMouse.cs
Fixed: Timer on the BawlExplode scripts were going down to 0 in 1 second regardless of the amount of time you set
Fixed: BawlMagnet ability bug when magnetizing to a collider that gets deleted/disabled*
Fixed: BawlSwing rope not disappearing if the connected object gets deleted or collider gets disabled*
Added: BawlExplode script now sends the message BawlExplode_OnExplode with a Collider array parameter
Changed: BawlRoll3D script now works in 2D and has been changed to BawlRoll
Changed: The timer variable in BawlExplode is now public
Removed: BawlRoll2D scripts
Removed: All JavaScript Abilities and Prefabs for Bawl Physics have been removed (they can be downloaded through the link in the PDF, they will not be updated beyond version 1.7.3)

*This is still a problem if changing the mesh manually/procedurally
-Abilities can be enabled and disabled using
(some abilities require a parameter)
(some abilities don’t have a StopAbility function)

Bawl Physics 1.7.3

Fixed: Download link in PDF was wrong
Changed: Player model
Added: Includes a zip file containing the full project folder <- On MediaFire

Bawl Physics 1.7

Added: Ability script and other scripts that inherit from it
Added: Control script that is used with the Ability script(s) to define how they’re controlled
Added: JavaScript versions of all the Ability scripts,the BawlControl script and the Control script (named Control_Java)
Added: Download link to downloaded updates the moment they come out
Added: Two arrays in the Ability class to store effects and sounds so you can access them easier without having to create your own variables for such common things
Added: Option to remove rope on button up

Fixed: The FixedTimestep problem shouldn’t be a problem anymore. So you can either use a fixed timestep of 0.02 or 0.01 (or anything really) and it should be fine.

Changed: Removed the SpiralBall from the Player but it hasn’t been removed from the project
Changed: PDF is now updated to reflect the 1.7 changes and also has a Custom Ability tutorial

Bawl Physics 1.6

Note: Changes have not been made to BallControl_Java.js
Added: Swinging ability which uses the PlayerSwingController and DistanceJoint.
Swinging ability requires Double Jumping to be enabled.
Changed: The CameraOrbit script now uses Raycasting to keep the camera from going through objects.