Added a new project!

Energy Based Weapons! Instead of using clips, use energy. Energy can be attached to anything whether it be the player, the gun itself, a turret, etc.


Bawl Physics 1.5

A JavaScript version of the Bawl Physics BallControl script is now included with Bawl Physics.

Bawl Physics 1.4

Bawl Physics has been updated to 1.4. I’ve added a PDF to help explain some of the things in Bawl Physics.

Buy Stuff

I added buttons for customers to buy my products. So far only Bawl Physics and GUI Virus Effect are buy-able.

Bawl Physics 3D

Bawl Physics has been edited to allow the player to move in full 3D – Bawl Physics 3D

Bawl Physics

It’s on the Asset Store yay! Asset Store

Bawl Physics

I’m about to add a page for a new project I’m working on. I don’t know how long I’ll be working on it but it’s quite fun at the moment.

Launch Time

I have released Launch Time for all to play!

GUI Virus Effect

It has just been accepted on the Asset Store! Awesome!

Getting Started!

I’m starting to figure out how to use wordpress!