Bawl Physics

Current Version – 1.7
Bawl Physics Sidescroller – WebPlayer

Bawl Physics 3D – WebPlayer

A simple ball physics package. The player is controlled not by push forces, but by torque (rotation). You can control the two cylinders on the level by jumping in between them and spinning in the opposite direction that you want them to go (ex. If you want the cylinders to go left, spin right). Also, you have the ability to double jump, magnetize and a few other abilities.

Two scenes included –

Scripts (C# and JavaScript)-
8 Ability scripts
Rolling (one script for Sidescrolling and one for Full 3D movement)
Double Jumping


..scripts help control the abilities

A few other scripts are camera scripts, temporary scripts and extras.

Note: The controls will be different from the WebPlayer but the default Input names were used.

The Bawl Physics PDF explains some of the basics about Bawl Physics and includes a Custom Ability tutorial so you can begin making your own abilities for your game. There is also a link in the PDF to download future updates the instant they come out.

This project is for sale using either the Add To Cart link below or going to Unity’s Asset Store using the link below (requires Unity3D). The script for controlling the ball is in both C# and JavaScript and there is a PDF explaining how to set up Bawl Physics for your project.

Unity Forums Post

This is on the Unity Asset Store for $10!

Support Address


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