Energy Based Objects

Object Shooting Testbed
More Energy Weapon Examples

Unity Asset Store $5

Create your own energy based weapons and objects using these easy to use scripts. Add an Energy script to any object and link it up to an Energy User. Then use one of the 3 Object Shooting scripts to quickly prototype weapons or create your own scripts to interact with the Energy Based Objects! Includes a Starter Guide tutorial to get started.

The main features are
Energy – Stores energy and recharges energy (recharging is optional)

Energy User – Defines which object uses the energy. You give it a reference to an object that has the Energy script on it and it controls how much you can get from it.

Energy Weapon Heat – Enables a weapon to be able to overheat

Energy Weapon Switch – The Energy User sends a message when it doesn’t have enough energy and when it does have enough. This script disables and enables the other scripts on the object it is on based on what the Energy User script tells it. Without this, the object would ignore whether it needs energy or not. It is used to disable the Object Shooting Point scripts

– v – Object Shooting Point Scripts – v –
Object Spawner – Spawns an object then pushes it
Object Pusher – Pushes an object
Object Raycast Turret – Sends a special message with raycast info

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