GUI Virus Effect

GUI Virus Effect Demo

This is a script for Unity3D that is meant for, but not limited to, computer-themed games. It shows GUI Window popups that have different effects to simulate annoying virus popups.

The popups have 2 effects that can be toggled on or off at any time…

  1. Run from cursor – If the cursor touches the popup window, the window will move away.
  2. Shake – The window shakes all over the screen.

A few others things this script is able to do…

  1. Stay On Screen – A toggle-able option to keep the window from going off the screen.
  2. Multiple Popups – You can have multiple popups appear on the screen. You can specify how far apart each popup appears.
  3. Close Button – You can change whether the window has a close button at the top right.
  4. Yes, No, Ok – Depending on the type of window you choose (Error or Warning), the buttons will be displayed.
  5. Buttons with a purpose – You will be able to set what function is called when the Yes, No or Ok buttons are pressed.

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This is on the Unity Asset Store for $5!



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